Hayden Cashion

Got an awesome opportunity to spend a day with the new up and coming artist Hayden Cashion. I love supporting new talent check out some of our photos together below, Also check out his new song called Sorry down below.

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The Falls

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Fall Time

Wanted to get out and shoot this Beautiful time of weather change. So I figured nothing would be better then doing a quick family shoot of my little brothers.


New School Year

Going back to school for one more year for business decide I wanted to learn more about how to manage my business better. Our class went on a field trip downtown and decide to take some pictures because ... why not 

P.S To the person owning the Red GT3 RS In Little Italy if you ever need pictures PLEASE LET ME KNOW



Been a while since I took my camera out for fun, took my friend Jahmari Downtown for a quick shoot. Check out the results below. Don't forget to like and share! 

Pre-Garden Party

Starting to work with clients now for the summer and had a great opportunity to take pictures for Jurney and her date with their friends and family before going to the garden party. Congratulations on your big day.

Lil Critter

Today I met a new friend in my background. Clearly he enjoyed the photo shoot I gave him. He seemed to really enjoy the Almonds I put out for him.

Happy Friday Everyone!